Be cautious with small Derringer pistols?

Some Derringer (or Derringer type) have a striker which can protrude if you do not take the precaution of ensuring that the striker (s) are in position (rear) retracted into the mechanism so that they do not protrude.

If you are not careful, a blow may occur when the weapon locking mechanism is closed since you will be pressing the ammunition on the protruding striker.

So be very careful with Derringer-type weapons, the strikers of which can remain in the “start of the blow” position.

Danger with old weapons with a floating striker?

Be careful, some old weapons sometimes have a floating striker and this can cause the start of the blow during the breech movement.

Indeed, since the striker is floating, the inertia during the breech movement is transmitted to the striker which is stopped by the initiation of the munition.
If the inertia is too large, the start of the blow can take place.

It is therefore very important to point the weapon towards the target before performing a breech movement with this type of weapon.

You should make a breech movement only in the direction of the target and this relevant whatever the type of weapon used.

Is there a risk of the ammunition exploding?

Our ammunition cannot “explode”!

In the event of a leak, the pressure in the capsule will start in less than a second of pressurising the cartridge. A sound of the air escaping will be heard and the capsule will be harmless …

Is there clamping force needed during the loading of the cartridge?

There is no need to tighten the loading sleeve which assembles with the pump or the compressor, it is the seal which seals, not the clamping force!

A slight pressure when screwing with two fingers is enough to seal the assembly, if you tighten too hard (and this is completely unnecessary) you risk damaging the components.

What if there is a pressure leak during loading?

Remove the seal from the charging tip, if possible with tweezers, and replace it with a spare seal supplied with the equipment.

The cartridge does not fire, but the ammunition is loaded?

It is likely that the spring of your striker is tired and makes the start of the shot random, which will also happen with pyrotechnic ammunition …

The Ammunition not working well?

It can happen that an ammunition loses a little air, in this case fire it with a blank (or with a projectile).

This should remove the dust which can sometimes create small leaks. Do not hesitate to repeat it several times to clean it well and thus make it waterproof again!

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