Compressed air


The concept of AirMunition is based on compressed air technology, and more precisely on the use of easily refillable cartridges that can be used several hundred times.
Technical Specifications

Airmunitions are safe yet realistic

The training possibilities are endless … Be careful though!
These ammunitions are in no way toys, they are precise and provide the power to shoot realistically.
Each of our cartridges can receive more than 250 bars of pressure. All our of our Airmunitions can is rechargeable more than 500 times.
Airmunitions allow you to shoot or learn to shoot safely at various targets such as cans, paper targets and any other object you can imagine.

With Airmunition you get 1 year warranty plus

Our ammunition is guaranteed 500 shots.
The EasyMunition pump and the pump elements are guaranteed for 1 year.
The potential lifespan of all our products is more than 10 years.
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