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We offer quality products fully machined and assembled in Switzerland.

Each of our cartridges can receive more than 250 bars of pressure.

All our ammunition is rechargeable more than 500 times .

The training possibilities are endless …

However, be careful!

These ammunition are by no means toys , they are precise and offer the power necessary to fire realistically.

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With Airmunitions it is possible to :

  • Carry out Training.
  • You can fire live or blancs.
  • Learn to master your weapon safely.
  • You are able to shoot in more places.
  • Make Precise shots up to 15m

You also enjoy the following advantages :

  • They are Non Lethal.
  • Stops excessive wear on your weapon.
  • They are ecological (No Powder needed).
  • Your weapon remains 100% clean after firing.
  • Precise, powerful, economical and safe.


Powerful, Precise, Economical and safe!

You will be amazed by all of the possibilities Airmunitions offer, in particular you can shoot safely with your collection of weapons.

It is no longer necessary to move to an expensive shooting range to be able to take advantage of your weapons and the pleasure is there with each shot!

They are used in place of traditional ammunition without any modification of your weapons.

The price is (depending on the calibers), between 5 and 20 times cheaper than a conventional ammunition.


AIRMUNITIONS  are intended for:

Professionals for realistic training purposes.

Sports shooters to perfect their precision shots.

Private individuals to learn shooting and be able to shoot in places accessible to all. 

For everyone to finally have fun with our beautiful weapons, FUN shooting!

To all those wishing to acquire a weapon. They allow you to shoot or learn to shoot safely in various targets such as cans, paper targets and any other object you can imagine.

AirMunition, 2740 Moutier
Bern, Switzerland